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Corporate and commercial law is developing more and more into a cross-sectional matter.  Today, in addition to the classical study of commercial and corporate law, it includes other important areas such as the law governing trusts, banking and regulatory law, intellectual property, competition and antitrust law.

Today, more than ever before, economic activity is cross-border in nature.  Accordingly, European Union law, which intersects with and affects company law through its regulations and directives, has become an area of great importance.  Its effects are evidenced in the increased focus on issues such as cross-border conversions, transfers of registered offices across borders, establishments of foreign branches and spin-offs to corporations with registered offices abroad.

One of the mission statements of the University of Graz is its focus on the region of Southeastern Europe across all of the faculties.  The professorship of Prof. Borić, whose expertise includes, among other things, the laws of this region, exemplifies the institute´s commitment to this mission.  Within the framework of this focus, the institute promotes networking in research and teaching with almost all of the states in this region, concentrating on questions of legal harmonization with European Union law in the areas of company and business law and legal harmonization with international commercial law.

The Field of Excellence Smart Regulation  established at the University of Graz is dedicated to, amongst others, researching legal issues related to technical innovations. The Institute is represented by three full members in the Field of Excellence Smart Regulation: Prof. Wendland, who has held a professorship for Law and Business Innovation since December 2020, Prof. Robertson, whose focus includes antitrust issues in digital and data-driven markets, and Prof. Zollner, whose focus includes the effects of artificial intelligence on private commercial law.


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